We Cancer

Remembering everything that happened before one doctor appointment and the other is a struggle that happens in the treatment of many health issues. In the treatment of cancer, this can be crucial for understanding a patients condition.

WeCancer is an app that connects patients and doctors helping them to monitor the treatment and the patient’s self care. With a simple daily questionnaire, medication and appointments alarms, it tracks the user’s treatment outside the doctor’s office. This is kept in the app and also shared with the doctor. Helping both to be more conscious of the whole situation.

After the short questionnaire, the user is asked to type something that he is grateful for. This is kept as a diary and it helps with the mental health. 

It makes me very happy to be part of this amazing project. It is great to see design being used to make someone’s day better, or even help with understanding such a complex problem.




Role & techniques

  • User Research
  • Personas
  • Information Architecture
  • User Flow
  • Concept
  • Interface Design


Doctor Access

The app keeps track of the symptoms the person is feeling and can relate it to medication intake or chemotherapy sessions, for example.

The doctor has access to this data through an internal system and it helps him to visualize how are the days between appointments. It also generates valuable information for cancer studies.




See the prototype.



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